Some definitions :)

Adore:  To regard with deep, often rapturous love
Treasure: One considered especially precious and valuable

The wedding I just did with Sarah in Washington DC was not just a beautiful wedding.  
While it was certainly gorgeous, the couple - Jasmine and Warren, were in a deep, true love.
The two words that I think of when I think of them are "adore" and "treasure."

I have so much to say, and I am going through lots of pictures - but I wanted to post really quick because I loved them so very much :)
So, check out some of her awesome details!


  1. I love your face and your pictures.
    AND I love YOU! :)

  2. These are gorgeous! That first one is killer, and I love the detail shots! :)

  3. Fabulous! Thanks for sharing those definitions... they give a new meaning to the images.


  4. I have a question, what kind of lense do you use
    (Example 50mm f/1.8)

  5. Thanks for the blog love, Kristen. You have some great work on here (and your site) and I love your music selection to the right. Nice! How did you do that?

  6. Can I just say that I love that shoe shot at the end (of the heels from the back). I seriously just sit and stare at it. It's fantastic. Mind sharing the stats on it (ISO, lens, apert., length, etc.)?

    Hope to see you in february!

    ~Brienne Michelle


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