I heart the brides :)

I am obsessed with brides. I have said it before, and I will say it again - I just love them.
I don't know if it's the "girl" in me that loves a bride. The part of me that can't wait to buy my own big white dress, and can't wait to wake up on my wedding morning at 4 am because I am so excited, and starts to laugh & cry just thinking about the man I am going to marry.

I don't know if it's the "photographer" in me that loves a bride. The part of me that sees the incredible smiles, the glowing cheeks and the eyes that are head-over-heels which make perfect pictures, and make my job very easy :)

I don't know if it's the "romantic" in me that loves a bride. The part of me that thinks nothing is too cheesy (even Lonestar's Amazed) and has such grand dreams about what it will be like to actually have that ring on your finger, given to me by the love of my life.

I am sure its a mixture of all of that, but the last bride, Jasmine, blew me away :) She was so wonderful and so, so very in love. And this post is dedicated to her (and the song is one of most romantic on the planet! George Strait's Carried Away)

I don't take my whiskey to extremesDon't believe in chasing crazy dreamsMy feet are planted firmly on the groundBut darlin when you come aroundI get carried away by the lookBy the light in your eyesBefore I even realize the ride I'm onBaby I'm long goneI get carried away
Nothing matters but being with youLike a feather flyin high up
In the sky on a windy dayI get carried away
It might seem like an ordinary nightSame ol' stars same ol moon up highBut when I see you standin at your doorNothings ordinary anymore
I get carried away....


  1. Kristen, great work here, you've got a natural talent and it's so great that you're making something happen out of it! Way to go!

  2. it is about time that you blogged missy. I have been waiting. :) I LOVE the dress shot....it's incredible!

    I miss you and need an update. Merry early Christmas, and call me soon.

  3. Dear Kristen,
    Annointed moments in your imagery!
    May God Bless your future as you seek Him.

    Thank you!
    Nina (Jasmine's moma)

  4. natalie22.12.07

    if i was kelley, i'd give you an A on the paragraph you wrote

  5. great job kristen! i would love to do a wedding some day. :)

    thanks for the comment on my blog!

  6. Love these sooo much!

  7. Yea for Jasmine!!! :) Great shots!!!


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