Christmas at my house :)

"I don't want a lot for Christmas
There is just thiiing
I don't care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree....
All I want for Christmas is YOU
[Mom, Dad, Tim, Blossom, Kevs, Dude, Shanny and Lou!]!"

Christmas in a 9-person home is awesome. Christmas in my 9-person home is out of this world :)
This is when The Littles got the "ok" to come downstairs - they were so, so excited!
I think I have officially grown-up, cause watching the kids open their gifts really, really was more fun than getting my own:

The Snyder Ladies now have some snazzy footwear:
Aw, mom =) She was too fun this year - cracked me up all day! This was when she got her new exercise bike. Hahah, soooo, I just have to tell a quick mom story.
When we were leaving the Christmas Eve service last night, we were walking to the parking lot and a lady said "Hello!" to my mom. My mom smiled and nodded friendly-ly and said "Good Morning!" hahahahahDude is getting too big too fast :("You can get any shoes you want - they just have to be on sale, and you can't like them. That's just how we do things." - my dad at the store yesterday heheShannon decked out in her gifts:Lou-lou is a very serious gift-opener. She is almost concerned. Its the cutest thing ever!And, Katie and I in our morning glory haha
Katie was a saint last night - she stayed up until 3 am helping my mom finish everything :) I volunteered to go to bed with the Ladies, ya know, so they would stay out of the way....Okee, just had to brag for a moment on my mother:
Because she is all kinds of awesome, she got me pj's and a bag that match my website
Also received some lovely arm-wear (The "Support The Rabid" one is from Julie. "Myth: 3 people a year die from rabies. Fact: 4 people a year die from rabies!")
My lovely stocking stuffers =)And the BEST present I have probably ever gotten: A GPS SYSTEM!!!!!! I have the worst sense of direction on earth and I just get lost constantly. Its so bad. But, now, with my "NeverLost" I can travel with easy-to-read maps and voice directions to 48 of the 50 states! I guess I will still have to get lost in Hawaii and Alaska... hehe
Oh! And I also am the proud new owner of polka-dot luggage, so if anyone ever wants me to visit them, I do have luggage I can use.... so let me know! I'd love to go anywhere ;)Well, thats all for now... I am going to go out and start helping with dinner - but stay tuned for some precious stories and quotes from my day!

Merry CHRISTmas!!!!


  1. I have to get me one of those "support the Rabid" bands...way to funny. Merry Christmas!

  2. Anonymous25.12.07

    You have a beautiful family! Merry christmas!

  3. gasp! A family portrait without any photoshop compositing? haha I love you. Those are awesome gifts and an ever awesomer family. :) I love the series of Lou and Crab!

  4. omg! so awesome! :)
    you look so mature in that pic of all the kids! lol
    love you

  5. Looks like you had a ton of fun over Christmas. You look great too! I really appreciate you filling us in about the rabies fact. Another fact is that 92% of all statistics are made up on the spot. Hahaha. Anyway, have a great Christmas and keep taking great pics.
    Drew Polanycia

  6. Lol yes! Now we won't have to ask random motorcycle guys where our destination is.

  7. how wonderful! BTW, the banner on your website is spelled "Kirsten" Leigh Photography

  8. Anonymous26.12.07

    aww thats sooo fun!! and its good to see you got some deodorant in your stockings.. its about time.

    Julie :)

  9. that's a GREAT photograph of you with your siblings! Merry Christmas!


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