Little Update :D

*EDIT* Look what we found! That was on my dream list :D I was soooo happy!

Liz and I are having a really fun time so far....
We are doing the family shoot tonight and I am pretty excited about it!

So far we have gone to Panera, dropped a phone in the toilet...
gotten stuck in a creek and pretended it was much scarier than it really was....
Found the tunnel that we would have used as a fort if we were a few years younger....
And, photobooth, of course....

We also made an awesome dinner, went on a candy-run and saw a movie. Optical Illusions and "What About Bob" closed the night, so, all in all a pretty nice day :D

Oh, I was looking through some of my archives a few days ago, and I came across one of my favorite posts... Almost a year ago to the day I did my "How Great Thou Art" post and I still almost daily read or listen to that song. Its amazing how God has used those words to encourage and convict me so much over the last few years - and He is still exactly the same!

ps. this is a teaser for their Family blog post... we found the perfect song to use!


  1. ellie8.11.07

    looks like you guys are having a good time. and yes I did not know that was on the last photo. you are scary. :)

  2. you should come back to chi-town after philly ;)


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