Smart Family - 2007

Last Sunday I went to downtown Frederick with Neil and Jess and their cutie-pie daughter Nyah.
They are such a funny, close, beautiful family and I loved every second of the shoot!
Sunrise - Norah Jones
SunriseSunriseLooks like morning in your eyesBut the clock's held 9:15 for hoursSunriseSunriseCouldn't tempt Us if it triedCuz the afternoon'sAlready come and goneAnd I saidHooo, Hooo,Hooo
To you

SurpriseCouldn't find it in your eyesBut I'm sure it's written all over my faceSurpriseSurpriseNever something I could hideWhen I see we made it through another dayThen I say
Hooo, hooo, hooo
To youAnd now the nightWill throw its cover down, ooo, on me againOoh, and if I'm rightIt's the only way to bring me back


  1. SO adorable kristen. I love this shoot!

    loved spending time with you saturday. had fun!

  2. I'll say it did an amazing job! I'm so pleased with how the pictures turned out! you really made us enjoy having our pics taken as a family :)

  3. those pictures are wonderful!! love the little girl, she is so cute!

  4. i love love these :D
    especially the candid shots of Nyah just wandering around - really well done. :)

  5. Anonymous22.10.07

    awww these picts are soo cute! cant believe how lil nyah has grown up so fast! i love this family and you did a sweet job :)

    Indian Princess

  6. Beautiful family pictures! What aperture do you use in order to get a group/few people in focus and still get a blurred background?

  7. Hey stacy :D

    Well, I am a pretty exclusive 1.4 or 1.8 shooter. That's just my style and the way I shoot - haha!
    Basically, I stand pretty far away with my 85 mm lens and shoot a whole bunch of pictures. I would say that about half end up "wrong" focused. I pick my faves of the "right" focused, crop it closer and "voila!"
    Hope that helps =)

  8. that little girl is too cute!

  9. I luv Nyah she's is adorable! and these pics are great

  10. Anonymous25.10.07

    i think it is so funny how the pic of Nyah's dad throwing her, she has only one shoe on lol to funny :) these are great kristen

  11. What a great photo shoot. I love the pics with Daddy throwing Nyah in the air. All of the pics are precious though.


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