Engagement Shoot - for real, kind of

I did Mark and Brandy's wedding in September. We couldn't get a date for their engagement shoot before the big day, so we opted to do a lovely fall shoot at Harper's Ferry (where they actually got engaged)!
It was unbelievable! They are so fun, so happy and I just enjoyed every second of our time.

You and Me:: Lifehouse
(and "their" song :D)

What day is itAnd in what monthThis clock never seemed so aliveI can't keep up
And I can't back downI've been losing so much timeCause it's you and me And all of the peopleWith nothing to doNothing to loseAnd it's you and me and all of the peopleAnd I don't know whyI can't keep my eyes off of youAll of the things that I want to say
Just aren't coming out rightI'm tripping inwardsYou got my head spinningI don't know where to go from hereCause it's you and me and all of the peopleWith nothing to do
Nothing to proveAnd it's you and me and all of the peopleAnd I don't know whyI can't keep my eyes off of youThere's something about you nowI can't quite figure outEverything she does is beautiful

And I don't know why
I can't keep my eyes off of you



Runner-up Shoot:1

I had the shoot for Ellie - a runner-up in my contest and my awesome little buddy! She is planning on pursuing photography until she gets out of highschool, then she wants to start her own business!



It's funny what 6 months can do.
Lyds sent me these pics - the first being this past trip, the second being our Senior trip in May:


Smart Family - 2007

Last Sunday I went to downtown Frederick with Neil and Jess and their cutie-pie daughter Nyah.
They are such a funny, close, beautiful family and I loved every second of the shoot!
Sunrise - Norah Jones
SunriseSunriseLooks like morning in your eyesBut the clock's held 9:15 for hoursSunriseSunriseCouldn't tempt Us if it triedCuz the afternoon'sAlready come and goneAnd I saidHooo, Hooo,Hooo
To you

SurpriseCouldn't find it in your eyesBut I'm sure it's written all over my faceSurpriseSurpriseNever something I could hideWhen I see we made it through another dayThen I say
Hooo, hooo, hooo
To youAnd now the nightWill throw its cover down, ooo, on me againOoh, and if I'm rightIt's the only way to bring me back