Hattie Dearest :D

This morning I had a shoot for Hattie.
She is the cutest little thing EVER!
I love her so much!

After we did the "formal" shots, we did some really fun ones outside.


  1. The Berrys21.9.07

    they are SO cute Kristen! you captured her personality so well. we love the bike ones!
    great job.

  2. Ashley Berry21.9.07

    thank you so much, kristen! you did a great job. i can't wait to see all the other pictures you took.

    mrs berry

  3. she's adorable! wonderful pictures...such great colors!

  4. ~Sophie~21.9.07

    Ahhhhhhhhhh! SO CUTE!!!!

  5. good song.

    that neon tricycle is a killer.

  6. Awww those pics are adorable:) I love the last one and the contrast of her white dress with the brick background. Sorry to be such a pain about that effects program lol...I finally got it to work!


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