It was amazing.
The word "amazing" gets used a whole lot.
But, I mean it exactly as Webster defined it.

astonishing; startlingly impressive"

Erin and John are best friends who are in love.
John is a true gentleman - to everyone - but especially to Erin. He really treats her like a princess; like royalty.
Erin adores John. I love how she will just stare at him, smiling, then just give him a big hug!
As a couple, they are classy, graceful, fun and GORgeous!

Their first dance was to Allison Krauss's "When You Say Nothing At All"
- which is top, top, top of romantic songs! I love it!

And they fit it perfectly :D


  1. terri3.9.07

    What gorgeous colors and your abilities are amazing, Kristen!! I wish we had known about you when our son got married last fall, we'd have flown you to Florida for it!!!! We're so happy with Gage's photos and the songs you chose were perfect! Thanks again! terri

  2. becca3.9.07

    aww it's so true - people always end up falling in love with their best friend!

  3. yes. you can be italiana.

    - dowl.

  4. neal4.9.07

    you're def getting muchly better....col. the pics and place and people are beautiful.

  5. wait...question!
    It might just be because I'm dense and all that, but who are Sarah and Morgan?

  6. Yay, Kristen!! Word to Neal. (Don't make fun, it was either that or "ditto" and I've always despised that word) These are so great. I love the lighting and umm heck yes gorgeous people are a plus. ;)

    Love that song too (But that's not Allison's version...her's is much better).

  7. ellie4.9.07

    beautiful kristen! you're getting better each shoot. i miss you! come home soon :) oh and i'm following your other blog!

  8. Great shots and I love how your personality shows through your postings. :-)

    Keep up the good work,


  9. Kristen. I couldn't stop laughing at the photo's of the swans!!!

    The shoe shot is AMAZING, and I love the one of them on the bridge or whatever it is, where the flowers are in main focus! These are great!!

  10. Kristen,
    Just wanted you to know how much I love following your work-it is truly beautiful! Like Sam, I couldn't see any photo out of the family shoots except one of the Wilson's (just little red x's)-is that my computer's fault?
    love you,
    Mrs. Branchaw


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