Brandy & Mark

Yesterday I did my 6th wedding in 5 weeks. This is also my first wedding since officially being back from my internship in Chicago. I am going to dedicate a whole post to that in the near future. And, yes, my website is still coming! One more section to complete and it should be up...
Back to Brandy & Mark :D
I was watching the way that Brandy would talk about Mark. And the way that Mark would care for Brandy.
I had the thought that these two really respect each other. They are obviously madly in love, but they honor each other - greatly. It is hard to explain, but it is very cool how God brought them together and how grateful they are for each other!
I am working on my slideshow, but until then, here are some of my favorites of the bride and groom:


  1. lovely! at the ag. farm, such a beautiful place for photos.

  2. Anonymous16.9.07

    AHHH!!! it's my farm! They look sooo happy! so glad your home!

  3. Really like the portrait shot ones of them at the beginning of the post. They look so comfortable and relaxed - that's soo good.

    love you, ms. bonjour.

  4. oh they're so good Kristen!!! I'm so proud of my professional photo friend. and I missed you yesterday.
    love you! em

  5. So amazing! You did such a good job capturing their day ;)

  6. girl you are right. The lighting on these are amazing. I LOVE the very first one at the top of this post. And the one of them walking in the green field. And the ones of them in front of the farm. And the ones.... :) I love them all!!

  7. Anonymous17.9.07

    These are awesome Kristin! Can't wait to see the slideshow! :)

    Evy Taracena

  8. ellie17.9.07

    love them so much kristen! i love the top one tooo! and the ones by the barn. good job.

  9. ~Sophie~17.9.07

    Ok, I love them ALL!

    But my fav would have to be the second to last one!

  10. Anonymous18.9.07

    Question... Where were these taken?


  11. Anonymous18.9.07

    so cute! I thought u didn't get outside picts? but these turned out really good :)


  12. ellie19.9.07

    I love the new format! Very professional.

  13. ~Sophie~19.9.07

    Me too!
    It is really nice.
    It would be really cool if you change the format for every season!

  14. Anonymous29.9.07

    we just got back from the honeymoon- we love these pictures and look forward to seeing the others!
    Thanks again for capturing these special moments for us.

    Mark and Brandy


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