I have some bad news.

I have a new best friend. Sorry old best friends; you have been replaced.
My friend's name is Olivia (also affectionately known as "Oli" "O's" and "Livi")
She is Sarah's little sister
(By the way, Sarah has a good re-cap on her blog of what we have done so far...)
I baby-sat her while the rest of the Barlow's were out.
We read books, played duck-duck-goose-capture (?) and did a photoshoot, of course!
We have a Panera date planned soon. Should be awesome.
From the moment I arrived she has been my little shadow - helping me in ANY way she can. She is a joyful servant!I love you Little Miss!(ps. Isn't she a cutie?)

(pps. DudeMan - Happy Happy Happy 8th Birthday! I will never forget the day you were born. You are more precious to me than you will ever know and I am so sad I am not there for your birthday. I love you!)


  1. Jamie Delaine11.8.07

    These shots are SO cute!!!

  2. Jenna11.8.07

    awwwwww, SOOOO cute!!! love the glasses, tell her I want a pare ;)

  3. she is adorable. love her necklace. :)

    have a fun time! Learn much much much more than me!

  4. yeah well you've been replaced by...30 girls...all my bffs.

    :) love you. how's that skull doing?

  5. jamie delaine: i LOVE your name. love it.
    jenna: if i asked her i am sure that Oli would let me bring the glasses home :D jk
    britt: they have the best jewelery in the world in this house!
    lydia: HAHAHA. you kill me. aaand the skull is decent. it did hurt.

  6. NO WAY! Oli is MY best friend!

  7. ~Sophie~12.8.07

    Awwww!!! She is so cute!
    You guys got to like both the sun glasses and the necklace:)

  8. actually guys i think me and oli could be best friends!duck duck goose is my favorite game.

  9. you're finally here!!!!!!


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