Farewell :D

*EDIT* I was tagged by Sarah to do an "8 things" post. I posted on the Staying at Sarah's blog, if you feel like checking it out :D *

I am leaving for Chicago once again. I shall return, in 17 days, a much better photographer and business person (we hope...).

To all of my clients who are patiently waiting for pictures - thank you!
I so appreciate your understanding as I am working through this very abnormal summer!

And, I thought I would share a little story:

Since I was not at home for my birthday, my family had my birthday dinner tonight.
Mom made my favorite dinner, the Ladies set the table, Shannon prayed (she was very concerned about safety tonight.... "Please keep Kristen safe. I hope she is safe. Help whoever drives her be safe. Thank you for keeping us safe. Amen.")
Then we began the Alphabet game tradition.
I'm not entirely sure when this tradition began, but it feels like a really, really long time ago.
Basically you go around the table, starting with Dad, saying something you like, appreciate or remember about the birthday child.
Dad starts with "A", the person next to him does "B", etc, etc

So, here are some of my "honorings" (This is pretty much why I just adore my family)

Dad: "Always cheerful"
Shannon: "oBeys."
Mom: "Your word is Beys, Shannon? That does not make sense"
(we laugh)
Mom: "hmmm. C...? Cheerful always. No I'm kidding."
Kevin: "Oh! I know one for C! Do 'Christful'!"
Dude: "That is not a word, stupid."

Katie: "Hahahahah! Yes! I am F! I know what my word is. Fat! But, it's your birthday, so I will say funny, instead"

Kevin: "I can't think of anything for H. Wait, I know, I know. Grateful."
Mom: *rolls eyes*
Kevin: "Hold on. H. HOLY!"
Me: "That doesn't...."
Mom: "Only God is holy. Say happy or something."
Kevin: "oh. Happy."

Dad (on Q): "Quick to judge. Juuust kidding. uuuh, Quiet and gentle spirit."
Me: "Wow. Thanks Dad."
Dad: "I take that back. Quick to judge. I'm keeping that one."

Kevin: "X is too hard."
Mom: "eXciting, or eXtra special."
Kevin (whispers to me): "But you aren't."
Dad: "Xylophone!"
Katie: "foXy!"
Kevin: "Fine. eXtra eXciting, kind of."

I love 'em!

Two wedding posts are coming up, and make sure you see Gage's post below!


  1. "I know! Fat!!"
    Hahaha, oh they kill me.
    Love you, pickleigh!

  2. that's a really cute birthday tradition. I should "file" that one away for Baby Klessmases.

    miss you! can't wait 'til your back for reals. cg just isn't the same without you.--remember to rock your vegetables.

  3. nat "i can't understand what she's saying..." alie26.8.07

    it's been 24 hours and i miss your family already. tell your dad i'm coming over soon to eat his food and break another talking record. actually don't, i'm gonna shoot him an email. literally. krusten

  4. do you realize that white text shows up really badly on a white background? i keep seeing your posts in the RSS feeder and i think you forgot to write anything...


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