It's official.

I have decided that I really, really like country clubs. Call me 57, but jeez, I am so hooked!
The McShea's (every photographers dream family) had me go up to the Manor Club
with them for some family portraits.
There were polo shirts, and newly-cut-grass-smells, and golf carts, and a live guitarist singing Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World. There were oak trees and the sun was setting, and I loved it :D

(I know that people probably don't read the words to the songs I post, but this one is a really good song, if you have the time to follow the words...)

Remember When
- Alan Jackson

Remember when
I was young
And so were youAnd time stood still
And love was all we knewYou were the first, so was IWe loved
And we criedRemember whenRemember when we vowed the vows
and walked the walkGave our hearts,
Made the start,
It was hardWe lived and learned, life threw curvesThere was joy, there was hurtRemember whenRemember when old ones died
And new were bornAnd life was changed,
Disassembled, rearrangedWe came together, fell apart
And broke each other's heartsRemember when(So, this is the instrumental part of the song, and I am going to honor the McShea's during this time.
The McShea's have been through a long road as a family. They have faced trial after trial, and yet have remained steadfast and faithful. Now, they have a mature, beautiful daughter who helps with the THREE little boys! God is so kind and I love this family for their joy and their trust in God.
Thank you for your example!)

Remember when

The sound of little feetwas the musicWe danced to week to weekBrought back the love,
We found trustVowed we'd never give it up
Remember whenRemember when thirty seemed so old
Now lookn' back it's just a steppin' stoneTo where we are,Where we've beenSaid we'd do it all again
Remember whenRemember when we said when we turned grayWhen the children grow up and move awayWe won't be sad, we'll be gladFor all the life we've hadAnd we'll remember when



  1. Anonymous16.7.07

    i absolutely love the pictures and especially the family!!! :) especially the one of kelly and the black and white of the whole family. i want to do another family shoot with you now...

  2. Anonymous16.7.07

    oh thats from danielle

  3. lovely, lovely :) they look very relaxed any happy. and i love this song. (not too country twangy unless you count the guitar. haha)

  4. ellie17.7.07

    I love these kristen! i know i've sked this quite a few times but...what did you do to the picture of kelly in photoshop?
    it's absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Hey Ellie!
    This probably won't make much sense, but, here is what I did:
    I applied a LoMo filter about 50%, then desaturated her face. I also played with the curves to make her face "pop" more and make her hair darker. Fixed some levels, sharpened, clone-tooled and the picture was done :D

    ehhh. helpful?

  6. ~Sophie~17.7.07

    Wow... I know that wasn't my question, but I think you just spoke in another language! joking of course!
    I love the song! It had sad lyrics in the end. I think I heard it before....somewhere...mabey at a friends house:)

  7. Anonymous17.7.07

    so cute!! perfect song for them too! good job :)


  8. ellie18.7.07

    I get all of it except the LoMo filter. Umm. never heard of it before. :) I'll have to use the curves more often. They're cool.

  9. Beautiful Kristen!

  10. girl these are great. I absolutely love that littlest one..he's so cute!

  11. These are wonderful, Kristen! The lighting is perfect. You capture the familyness of it so well.

  12. Anonymous24.7.07

    Gross family???

  13. well I think these are beautiful. You did a awesome job with all of them wearing white and all! Gorgeous place too!!

  14. Anonymous7.8.07

    kristen! your skills are amazing!!! absoloutely AMAZING! major props!


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