The Rest of the Day

*song is coming with this post! I was just too excited to actually find one, but, there IS one coming :D


  1. wow. they are stunning.
    and professional to the T.

    and i love the variety!
    the pic of the women in the pews
    is SO hysterical for some reason. I love it!!!
    great job!

  2. Sophie19.6.07

    And I love these also.
    The colors are great!
    The cake looked good too:)

  3. beautiful! I love the picture of the "security" guy! so good!

  4. Who's wedding was this Kristen? In the church or no? She is beautiful. Great Pics!

  5. kristen: AMAZING.

    i love all the feet pictures! :)

  6. those are so good! My absolute favorite is the bridesmaids kneeling with their flowers behind them. --not because it's funny (stacie...), but because the comp is so interesting and the colors so vibrant, and the lighting so good! Great job. this bride sure got a good deal!

  7. oh, woops, I just realized what pic stacie was talking about. Ha! sorry, stace...yeah, I think it's funny too. :)

  8. Kristen I can't believe how great these are. It was so great meeting you, girl. I can't WAIT for you to come back in August!!


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