Sarah has a slideshow of the photo-shoot we did with her on Saturday.
Check it out! And soon I will have the pictures I took from the day :D

Sarah took these of me (you know she is amazing when she takes some of me that I like...)
I need to post them so I can use them for "bio" pics

All of these are Sarah's pictures.


  1. Hi!! Maybe our internships can overlap a few days so we can shoot together again :) Your new pics look good, model style!

  2. I agree w/ Morgan, you look so pretty! My favorite of you is the last one on here! Hope you're havin a great week so far! :)

  3. julie :)21.6.07

    KRISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok so there a bundle of interns! wow thats alot. but looks really fun!

  4. Kristen - I'm so excited for you. Way to pursue this internship in Chicago. You have a real talent that I know will only grow as you learn from Sarah Barlow. And the wedding shots were fab! Keep it up girlie ;)

  5. wow. Those are really good. I didn't realize how many interns there were. And they're all interning with Sarah? that's a lot. Anyways, my favorites (even though they're not your pictures... :) are the first and last one.

  6. actually, there are only really two summer interns - me and beth, and then there is a "fall" intern, morgan. the others were either the models or people who just came for fun :D

  7. sweet! you guys look like TOTAL rock stars!!


  8. ellie22.6.07

    these are so cool! i loved the wedding shots so much! hope you had a great week. i missed you. :(

  9. awesome, kristen!

    it looks like you had a blast in chicago! i love the pic of you sitting on the ground. so cute! :)

    glad you're back!


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