My dad has a wonderful gift of writing, especially poems. I was going through piles of his poems the other day and this one just made me laugh so hard! So, I am sharing it with the world as a small tribute to my newfound love of big cities - Chicago and New York!

Voices Fade Away
Alan Snyder
Large clouds roll up in the sky
And then crash down upon me. I grab onto old memories to brace myself, But they pull me through waves of endless space. I look out beyond this dream And see faces, People watching me and calling to me. But the clouds cover them, too, Though I still hear them calling. As the voices begin to fade away I'm lonely, And I can't help but sit and wonder If I'm trying too hard to write this poem

And - I have a sad little story. I mistakenly shot all of the Chicago photoshoot in RAW without a small JPEG, so has taken me a bit longer to get these up because I have to convert them all. Sad, right?


  1. ellie23.6.07

    these are so cool! i love the one with the seats.

  2. Were the Chi-town ones from your trip?? I love this city - it's definitely got my heart! Why are your posts double posting??

  3. Anonymous23.6.07

    I'll never be able to see that many dolls and not think they're trying to talk to me or come after me.

  4. Aww, I love that quote in the last picture... :)

  5. Jenna23.6.07

    awwwww, you went to the american girl place!!! I always wanted to go there but my parents said it was to far away and cost to much money to go to :( I didn't know that katie and your mom when with you. cool, well, the pics are lovly, just lovly.

  6. so neat! love the picture of the american girl dolls...so funny!

  7. beth: The Chi-town ones are coming... let's just say I'm not so in love with RAW right now :D
    jenna: oh, poor deprived girl ;D

  8. natalie23.6.07

    kristen leigh snyder,

    when are you going to do a new york post? like strictly new york. i've been waiting forEVER.

    my sandals have traveled more than i have! and they're famous.

    ok funny story. brittany thought it was kristen leigh photography, like your middle name was pronounced "lay" hahahahaha! i'm laughing so hard right now, i love her so much. but we both know your middle name is danger.

    if i can barely last 2 weeks without seeing you then i don't even want to know what's gonna happen when you leave me for a whole month.

    umm i love you? UNDERSTATEMENT


    cute jazz :)
    aw, daddy poems!
    chicago shots = love!
    esp. the one of your mom...
    ...the colors are heavenly...
    ...more than the sun.
    JD date! hahahaha


  10. wow - that was quite a comment lydia. you must have been in one of your crazy modes.
    happily, i am too, so i understood all it :D

    Natalie, New York post is up next - just for you :D

  11. julie :)25.6.07

    hmmm i would like to say awesome post but i cant see any of the pictures :( they all come up as big X's.

  12. Courts25.6.07

    Hey I love the poem, but like Julie I can't see the pix. :(
    The poem made me smile! The end was so unpredictable! :)

    I also love the pix of you all at the photo shoot! I love the pix she took of you!!!!!!

  13. Sophie25.6.07

    Well, I saw them a while ago and loved them.
    But I can't say much about the X's

    I totally agree with you Jenna! My mom said the same:(
    (I miss you already; can't wait till you get back!)

    Oh, and I loved the poem!


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