So, my last few posts have been sorely unimpressive photography-wise. But that is all about to change. I am working on the pictures of the AMAZING wedding yesterday, and they should be up quite soon!

This is Andrew, Sarah, Beth and me right after we finished the 10 hour job...


  1. YEAH!!! So much fun! I'm soooo glad you we're able to come yesterday! It made it so fun!
    Gosh..I must REALLY like that shirt...two days in a row! lol!

  2. SO much fun!! I can't wait to see you today!

  3. Yesterday was so fun!!!! You took some AMAZING shots!!! :) The workshop should be fun today...
    You Rock!!! :P

  4. Hey Kristen!

    I saw Sarah's post about you on her blog and just wanted to come over & say HI!!



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