Picture of the Day

I decided that if I don't do a post, I will at least post a picture every day.
The picture will be accompanied by a verse, quote, song lyric, poem or my own thoughts :D

Enjoy the first "Picture of the Day" titled:


verb [trans.] warning or indication of future event
enjoy your tuesday!


  1. Anonymous22.5.07

    wait, so "foreshadowing" is your thought for the day?...mmm... that's deep.

    i like the last two posts. very good work.
    and this picture's cool too.

  2. natalie22.5.07

    show this to kelley and ask for extra credit

  3. no, danny, it's the title of the picture of the day

    my thought of the day is much better :D

  4. Elizabeth23.5.07

    "Pretty picture Kristen"

  5. Elizabeth23.5.07

    Yess! I can say that ^ because I just talked to you for 3 and half hours! I'm so happy.
    It was so lovely talking to you tonight. I miss you. I laughed when we got off the phone. All that talking and then you said..." my phone is beeping so if we get disconnected I don't want you to think I hung up on you" and before I could say anything you were gone!:)-I think that I'm going to go and check out Aberdeen MD. I eagerly anticiapate our quant get together this Summer. Love you!

  6. that picture is so adorable.

  7. that picture is so adorable.

  8. wait...so what's gonna happen?

  9. oops, wrong blogger name...

  10. on days that i don't have a big post, i'm at least going to post one picture a day, so there will always be something new to see :D

  11. sarah*29.5.07

    Those are really amazing, Kristen! (like they usually are) Can you post soon?


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