big news!

You know how I often post songs with my pictures?
Well, I started to realize that I never read song lyrics on other people's blogs, because if you don't know the tune in your head, it's just boring.
So Lydia and I collaborated and got these sweet little music players, so when I post song lyrics, you can actually hear the song in the background! I'm excited about it!
Here's a little practice run - go find the song in the pink player at the bottom of the blog and click on it:
"Where you lead
I will follow
Anywhere that you tell me to"
"If you need,
Need me to be with you
I will follow
Where you lead"

-- Carole King "Where You Lead"

Much better to hear it, right?
Later today I'm going to do a post of Lauren for the "Bubbly" Colbie Caillat song. Should be good...


  1. Anonymous19.4.07

    this is too cool!!!

  2. ellie19.4.07


    can you email me when you get a chance?


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