I am typing on my new graduation present, looking at my other 30-inch graduation present, while holding another graduation present, while installing another graduation present, while reading about yet another graduation present!
I simply have THE greatest, most supportive, loving, kind, generous parents ever. Bar none.

So, I got a MacBook, MacPro, 30-inch screen, Photoshop CS2, Aperature, 800 GB hard drive, and Microsoft Office.
I am sooo blessed and thrilled!

The laptop has a camera on it. I'm having fun with it.

Needless to say, I will be spending much time on these. My new goal is to post SOMEthing everyday - even if it's just one picture.

AAAaaahhhh!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!


  1. james13.4.07

    wow so whadya get?!?? obviously a computer, but what kind and what else?

    oh and cool how you said "mos" that's really cool.

  2. whaaat, James? did you read the post? and what is "mos"?

    OH! KRISTEN! How amazingly cool! I'm SO excited for you! I could barely hold it in when I was reading everything that they got you. That's pretty much the ultimate photography package ever. Wow. God is so kind and He's rewarding you for all of the hard work you have done so far with photography and how you have served your family and Savior selflessly! Well done. :)

    it was so fun working with you today! You really are an amazing photographer and you're doing just the right things with the gift God has given you.

  3. Anonymous14.4.07

    wow. fun times.

    lydia's majorly struggling with envy.

    it was really funny to get her reaction on gchat as she talked to you on the phone... "oh. my. gosh."

    ps. what's aperture?

  4. Anonymous14.4.07

    WOW!! when exactly did u get it. I'm so excited for you. Had a great time yesterday.


  5. right after i came home from your shoot! my dad and mom got it all set up while i was gone!!!!! i was shaking sooo hard - i still can't believe it!

  6. YAY! :) I must come by and see it all very soon.

  7. ps: I still don't understand where the money came from...didn't your daddy just get a new car? Treasure map? Regis Philbin? ;)

  8. pshh. "where did the money come from?" -lyd's just jelous

    don't worry lyd i'm going to buy you a MAC very soon. but just one MAC not two!!

  9. Katie.v14.4.07

    WOW thats soooooo amazing!!!

    yes now i will expect soemthing everyday!!:-)

  10. aperture is like Adobe photoshop made by Mac. It's incredibly cool. It costs a ton of money, though.

    It's basically a VERY upscale version of iPhoto with many additional cool things, and it's made for professional photographers.

    go kristen!

  11. julie :)14.4.07

    watttttt i gotta find out about all this from your blog?!?! haha, thats so awesome! you do have awesome parents!

  12. sweet kristen, you've got the tools to go with the talent now. dave and i got a good laugh from this post.

  13. OMG!! Kristen! That is sooo exciting!! Wow! You are all set now to run an amazing biz!! :) Can't wait till June!


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