post six: pre-renewal

Getting Ready
Your smile captured me
I don't know how it happened
But it happens still
You had me from "Hello"

You won me
It was over from the start
You completely stole my heart
Girl, you had me from "Hello"
-- kenny chesney you had me from hello

next up: the vows!


  1. Katie.v30.3.07

    aw thats sooo cute!!!

  2. yay! they're so pretty! Love the one shot of the pretty little toothless girl :D

    iiiiiii miiiiiiiiss youuuuuuu.

  3. i like theseee.
    and. this is completely random but.

    does it make you think of that
    "magical" age of 21?

    twentyone? 21? the magical one.
    where......... hahahahahahhaha

  4. oh yeah.
    forgot- and i LUV your new profile pic.


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