it's coming :)

and it's going to be outstanding

Ooooh. So sad.Look at her face!
Keep trying, Brett...
hmm. well, you do have an amazing voice ;D

She's adorable!
These two are pretty impressive dancers, not to mention their extraordinary voices.
aw. that's not forced. Mrs. Mays was like "Smile! Everyone smile!"ps. Is that not really funny?

pps. Here you go, friend :D

"I'm always one step ahead of everybody else. I'm like... a carpenter.... building a staircase."

-- Andy (Assistant to the Assistant to the Regional Manager)


  1. ellie18.3.07

    nice pictures kristen!!!!

    i can't wait.....

    "is it a toenail?" :)

  2. ellie - send me some of the pictures you guys took, so i can post them too

  3. Julie :)18.3.07

    realllly awesome pictures Kristen!! Hey can we go out again very soon :)

    hahaa looove the last picture, might cause our friend to stumble... ;)

  4. yay, Pickles! i'm so happy you got to see it today! that made me ever so happy

    call me? :)

  5. nice pictures!
    hmm--explanation of last picture?? is that flower hill? it looks too bright.

  6. ellie18.3.07

    i sent you the pictures!

    can't wait for the post! :)
    it's going to be good....


  7. awesome pictures! It is really difficult to shoot in that light, so good job. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

    Everyone, pray for Stephen he's been feeling really sick. We want our great thinker,dancer, and flexer on stage on Friday night!!! :)

  8. Anonymous19.3.07

    what a surprise! :) I didn't stumble, I laughed really hard.

    your friend

  9. wow - she posted. good work, friend

  10. awwww adorable pix!
    yahahh. thanks britt - stevo does need prayers.

    kristen - are you doing photography for the show? cooooolio if you are.
    its gonna be great.


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