*sheepish grin*


I'm back :D

Here are some more pictures from this summer.

"You're all smiles and silly conversation
As if this sunny day came just for you" "You twist your hair and you smile
And you turn your eyes away"
"Now, it dawns on me probably everybody's talking
And there is something here I'm supposed to realize"
"Cause, your secret is out
And the universe laughs at it's joke on me"
"I just caught it in your eyes
What a beautiful surprise" "When did you fall in love with me?""Was it out of the blue?
Cause I swear I never knew it"
"When did you let your heart run free?
Have you been waiting long?
When did you fall in love with me?"
"I bet my face is red and you can hear my heart my heart poundin'
Right there before my eyes, you're my beautiful surprise"
"When did you fall in love with me..."
Chris Rice - When Did You Fall

Sarah Anne Barlow (a cousin of BarlowGirl and a wedding photographer) used this song in a slideshow for one of her weddings:


For all you photography people, you should check out her stuff!


  1. Kristen!! Those are AWESOME pics!! Thanks for the props too!! LOVE the song it's for sure one of my favorites:)

  2. that's soo cool!!

  3. Katie.v8.2.07

    YOUR BACK! great pics!!

  4. Riley8.2.07

    you really like Kelly park don't you. but any way i no it might be hard because there not that pretty but you still need to do a rumba post.

  5. ok. deal. i'll do a roomba post.

  6. what the heck is a roomba?

  7. i was asking the same thing until i looked up the definition. its like a vacuum cleaner robot thing and i'm pretty sure the shenks have one, right? so yeah. nice pictures.

  8. yes. it's a robot vacuum. we got one a two-ish weeks ago and they are pretty much awesome. shannon and lauren think it's a pet "no, max, no eating socks!"

  9. Riley10.2.07

    yup we have one, he is pretty much the coolest texnology you will very see. its almost like me and Kristen are living in the future.

  10. one day when I grow up can Riley post twice on my blog?




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