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:: Bearliest Bear ::

the prettiest princess in the whole kingdom

I'm about to go outside and take some pictures of her in the snow (i'll add more to this most later today), but here a few more that I liked from earlier this winter.

"It isn't easy being big" -- title of her favorite book"Umm. Kristen, I really like your eyes, but I don't like your bumps (acne)"
Thanks, bear. Me, neither :D

"I want some mer." (She doesn't say the sound "or" like in "score." She say "er" instead. So it sounds like "scer." Or "four" sounds like "fer" or "door" is "der." It's so funny.)
She is terrified of our team bus. She thinks it's the worst thing to happen to this world. With some of the singing that goes on inside that thing (courtney...) I might have to agree ;D
"Kristen, I'm sorry. Will you please forgive you?"
Remember when I posted this before? It's one one of my favorites, but it took me a while to get.These are some of the outtakes. They make me smile. "The prettiest bear in the whole forest!"
Big news: We asked Lauren what her name was and she usually says "Bearface" but, yesterday she said "Cup." Okay. random.
"You're the prettiest cup in the whole kitchen!"


  1. Bearliest Bug! Lady Bear! I love her :)

  2. Prison Mike14.2.07

    "I bought a ticket for Grizzly Man and went into the wrong theater. After an hour, I figured I was in the wrong theater, but I kept waiting. That’s the thing about bear attacks. They come when you least expect it."

  3. Julie :)14.2.07

    haha or our teams favorite book "It aint easy being Courtney" oh so good. :)

  4. she's soo cute.

    haha grizzly man = wedding crashers. nice haha.

  5. Kelly15.2.07

    "there was an emergency. i just really look good in white."

  6. Ringbearer Mike15.2.07

    I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
    (enter dog)

  7. natalie15.2.07

    everyone totally copied me. that's all i have to say.


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