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::CA Adventure Theme Park::
a California themed theme park, in Disneyland, in California. doesn't get much better than that.

I love this picture. Poor Lauren was so tired, and yet so excited. Aaaw.We were in line for the first ride and she was already in trouble. We'll keep readin' those Bible stories...
I'm so glad we got lots of pictures of my mom - she usually doesn't get to ride anything and doesn't get in any pictures. She was totally one of the little kids going from ride to ride.
Hey, that's better, Shannon.
If you are ever in a Disney park, buying a $7 churro is absolutely necessary to getting the full Disney experience. Those little desserts are unbelievable.

Imagine when this one turns 15-and-nine-months. Good luck with that, mom.He could hardly see a thing!

After hitting the litte-kid "Bugs Life" land, we went to ride the Hollywood Tower Hotel (a pretty intense-Twilight-Zone-themed-ride).

Mike and I(ke. haha) really wanted to go on it and we convinced Shannon to come with us. Mike was all "Come on Shannon, are you scared?" It ended up that Dude wouldn't even look at the ride again, he was so scared, while Shannon went again -- five more times :D that's my girlThe hotel was in this little old Hollywood backlot mock-up. It was so pretty. I felt like Audrey Hepburn would walk around the corner any moment.I could have totally lived back then.

The Magic Kingdom - tomorrow!


  1. Well, I don't think we'll ever see eye to eye with regards to theme parks, but maybe one day you'll take me to CA and change my mind? These pictures are ever so nice.

  2. Yeah, as if you weren't scary enough...and who would know better than me (besides your mom, of course)? :-P

  3. I was so confused about your comment - but, then, i figured it our. Driving. Yes, I was a terrible driver. really, really terrible

  4. ellie19.2.07

    you were? :D i emailed you on your company email!!!

  5. hey riley,
    just saw your comments. this all happened in August. Like, a week or two before the retreat. Answer to you other question - the camera. I'm serious. Pictures that would be bad otherwise look amzing with a good camera.

    hey ellie,
    i e-mailed back!

  6. Julie :)19.2.07

    ok so Churros are the most amazing things i have ever had!!! seriously i agree you have to get them when you go to disneyworld or land. Oh and tower of terror, me and my mom went on it when i was like 11 and yeah we pretty much wet our pants, and now that i think about it that ride probably wasnt that scary.. :)

  7. ellie19.2.07

    our computers don't like each other... :D i didn't get it!


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