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::My Weekend (two weekends ago) Adventure::

This post brought to you by chocolate (ugh)

First, I need to say something. This was Colleen's breakfast. Microwaved M&M's. Why? I can't understand? Whhyyyy?

These two were watching a intense TBS Saturday morning classic, and I didn't want to watch it, so I went upstairs to watch my favorite TV show online.
Natalie and I both love the show, so the following pictures are in honor of Natalie and The Office:
(sidenote: Natalie made a drink with milk, coffee creamer, liquid chocolate and powered chocolate. And loved it. It seriously had the consistency of smooth mud.)

"If you need you anything I will literally be standing right here.""Would you like to pull a prank on Andy?"
"Umm...I'm kind of in the middle of...YES. Please."
"Where were you working before this?"
"Dunder Mifflin"
"I've never heard of it."
"Oh really? Have you heard of paper?"
"Maybe your cellphone is in the ceiling?"
"Maybe you are in the ceiling!"
"Um. Okay."

he rocks in the treetop all day long
hoppin' and a-boppin' and a singin' the song
"I think we broke his brain."
all the little birds on J-Birde street...
"I think I could go for some tunafish right about now. Ohohoh. Got my rod here. Zwiiiizzzz. Boop. click. click. click. clickclickclickclickclick. Oh! Whoa!"

*Caution: "The Office" is very funny and typically appropriate for probably 16 and up. However, there are certainly episodes I don't watch and I don't want anybody to think I'm advocating are completely supporting the show.*


  1. Yep, I think that's safe enough. :)

  2. n.a.t.a.l.i.e.13.2.07

    don't be mean, my drink was amazing.

    "I am ready to face any challenges that might be foolish enough to face me."

    and i'm almost positive that in that pic of us laughing...we were laughing cause we were quoting the office

    from now until i choose to stop, all of my comments will be in office-language.

    "Wanna altoid?"

  3. the one time i watched that show was the cellphone in the ceiling episode you quoted. haha funny. very funny.

  4. natalie, i think i understand a litte bit more why you're so... natalie.

    "i am fast. to give you a reference point, i'm somewhere between a snake and a mongoose... and a panther."

  5. Katie.V13.2.07

    6 more!! ill be watching!!

  6. Julie :)14.2.07

    microwaved M&M's are amazing!

    so natalie looks gorgeous in those pictures.. oooh and that song Rockin Robin.. I LOVE that song! :)


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