my clownliest-clown

The other day Lauren came running downstairs in this outfit: and said "Kristen, take a picture of me!" So, I did. Here's what I got.
She started getting a little cold. Poor baby.
I love her.

If anyone finds these shoes in my size, let me know.

Here's two "Gilmore Girls" quotes to kick off the weekend:

Lorelai: We're almost there and nowhere near it! All that matters is we're going!

Rory: We're practically gone already.

Lorelai: Look out world.


Lorelai: Can I ask you a dumb question?

Luke: There is no such thing as a dumb question.

Lorelai: How does ink come out of pens?

Luke: Okay. There is.


  1. OH MY GOODNESs! shes ADORABLE and i love love love the contrast of the colors and the white background. aw man. good job kristen!

  2. Anonymous23.2.07

    i'm not gonna lie, that's actually really scary.

  3. So cute! At first I was wondering how you figured out to get the background all white. After the "she was cold" hint I figured out it was the snow!

    Championship tomorrow!!! ahhhhh :)

  4. Julie :)23.2.07

    hey can i second the shoe comment?? If any one finds you a pair can they get me one too???

    We're going to the Championship!! :)

  5. umm. yah. it's really easy to not lie when you are being anonymous...

  6. LOVE the tones in her face in the last three portrait shots. Really sweet.

    Ahhh you're in the champoinship tomorrow!!!

  7. ellie24.2.07

    oh wow kristen. these are amazing. love em!!!!!

  8. Katie.V24.2.07


    haha court-i thought the same way!!

    love the quotes!!!

  9. did someone get Adobe?
    if not, how did you get the white BG?

    it couldn't all be just snow....could it?

  10. oh, the pictures are amazing. They're professional material. You're getting much, much better (than me :)!

  11. yes, britt. it's all snow! actually, it's all ice.

  12. ellie25.2.07

    but how did you get a solid white background?

  13. They were taken in front of Kristen's hill out in the front yard. So the slope of the hill was like a white sheet basically.

  14. ellie25.2.07

    ohhh thanks!

    love it!

  15. nice pictures kristen.

    did Timmy's team beat Gonzaga?

  16. the game was actually cancelled b/c of the weather. they play tomorrow night. aah!

  17. Kristen, These are awesome! I would love you to shot the girls some time. Get my email or number from Julie B.

    Another way to get an all white background would be to hang a white sheet behind your subject.

    Mrs. Jen Weber

  18. sarah*3.3.07

    i still think the backround's weird, it must be a big hill!

  19. sarah*3.3.07

    i think the one where she's blurred in back of the wig looks like she's licking it. seriously. i have a weird way of spelling things.


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