my little black, plastic and glass sunshine

"There were bells...on the hill

But I never heard them ringing

No, I never heard them at all"

"Till there was you"

I am the proud new owner of this magnificent 50 mm f/1.4 Nikon lens!

Low light, beware.

I also bought a speedlight and a filter for the new lens:

On a side note, I was reading about this nature photographer and here is a picture of his old, left over lenses. You know, the ones he doesn't use anymore. The ones he doesn't need. The one's that are left on the shelf because he has upgraded. Oh. My. Gosh. I am slightly jealous over here, Mister Nature, sir.


  1. congrats...don't know why on earth you need that many lenses, but I'm happy for you.

    and I thought flashes were second only to the antichrist in pure evil...but mabe Im wrong

  2. coolness. congratulations. did you buy that for yourself?

    i saw you driving out of the mays's neighborhood. i honked. did you hear/see?

  3. sam: umm. that's a speedlight. and flashes are LAST option. however, if you have ever tried to shoot a first dance at a wedding reception with some source of light, you will find it slightly impossible.

    james: yes, i bought it. many MRI's and blood tests at NIH to buy that one...

    i heard the honk! didn't see you though

  4. edit: "a wedding reception withOUT some source..."


    i thought we were gonna go together! oh whatever! i'm so happy for you! please bring it to your game???? I want to touch it!


  6. that's quite a few of!

  7. sarah*20.2.07

    One thing...

    Do you like your camera ALOT?

    Kristen: ummm...yea.(what)?

    I thought so.

  8. ellie20.2.07

    wow.. kristen cool!!!!!!! i still didn't get your email.. :( that's really weird

    anyway.. you my friend are a AMAZING photographer and that is an understatement. i mean it

    love ya always

  9. glad to see you got the courage to go spend some serious $$$...hope they serve you well.

  10. glad to see you got the courage to go spend some serious $$$...hope they serve you well.

  11. that should make up for my lack of comments recently...
    neal says so

  12. neal haha. i have to say, i am seriously laughing. that was funny.

    kristen, you gotta hook me up with some of those NIH MRI things.

  13. jeez. i post 7 straight days of pictures and get a couple sprinkles commens. i post about spending some money and i get 10 comments!

    a story: NIH loved how I told them that being a volunteer was my "summer job" - i made so much money. Sometimes I made 4x as much as the people who were testing me.

  14. mike hartnett21.2.07

    I've had some bad experiences at NIH... mostly involving physiological torture by an ex nazi descendant and some serious bloodletting...

    but, when you're passionate about your giftings laying inside a coffin-like tube for an hour or two is worth it, right?

  15. Katie V21.2.07

    hahaha you wrote like a love song to your camera!! thats so cute :-) but im happy fo r you

    also i don't know what e-mail it is to tell sam that i want the 7-8 slot woth you so could you let ihm know if you see him first? or sam, if your reading this is there any room left on that slot????

  16. wow. 15 comments. I must say, that's pretty impressive! And there wasn't even one actual picture that you took in the post. :) ah, blogs.

    I want to learn about your lens! I don't know what it does, but it sounds good. and I'm SO getting a speedlight. I took one picture on someone else's camera with it, and I was hooked.

    see you tomorrow!

  17. so, can you explain what all that sunshine does?

    Im clueless as to what a filter does, or how you can get a flash that is speeds lite? or what that huge lens thing does! It looks really cool though. and super professional. :)


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