happy 100th post!

Yep. This is the 100th one. Clap for it, please. woop, woop

So, what is life if you don't do crazy things every once in a while? Spontaneity and daringness (yes, that is really a word) are vital parts of life.

Does having your 13-year-old-sister (who has never cut hair. ever.) chop off a good 7-inches of your hair at 11:00ish at night count as being adventerous? I did cross of an item from my dream list, so, that is special. Let's recount the evening

My Big Hair Cut
a tale told in black and white photographs

hmmm.... this is annoying.what can i do about it? ah ha.
a female's worst nightmare. hair scissors. gulp.

oh snap. that is a lot more than i thought i was cutting off.it's different. i think i like it.

i won't ever do it again, but i like it right now.lydia cut her hair, too. we wanted to surprise courtney (because it takes courtney 47 days to actually decide she wants a haircut and we decided in about 20 seconds, tops.)we snuck into her room and she was *surprise* doing school. not known for her observant eye, it took her a minute to realize our hair was shorter.what are you talking about? we are definitely NOT posing for the picture...

yay! that was fun.


  1. Those aren't even hair scissors! They're school scissors!

    the haircut looks nice, though, your sis did a good job

  2. aw Kristen! I like it!
    can't wait to see it in person!!!


  3. ellie19.1.07

    yeah 100!!! i Love looking at your post kristen! but i will never get over the loss of your beautiful hair! forgive me... wah!!!!!!!!!!!!

    okay i'm better now. :)
    love ya!

  4. Julie B :)19.1.07

    aniiiice!! this was a fun post!!! i like the hair cut, i was majorly shocked to say the least but i like the change on you and was extemely impressed how suddenly you decided to cut your hair. way to go.

  5. ellie19.1.07

    i did not mean to criticize your decision kristen.. i love the change! see ya soon!

  6. You and Lyd surprising me was probably the biggest highlight of the week! I was so confused and happy when you opened up my door! Monday I'll join the group and be able to sport the new look too. (*gulp)

    Such fun pix!

  7. Anonymous20.1.07

    So yeah, i like your hair! (Just have to get TOTALLY used to it)
    Geuss i'll give up on the Hair styling for now, huh.

    Yaaaaaaaay 100!

  8. sarah b.20.1.07

    Hey,Kristen, (The comment that mentions giving up on hair styling or whatever was from me.)

  9. happy 100 :) handshakes.

    (thanks for the pillow. everybody was upset you didn't stay to talk. How'd the game go?)

  10. yeah like lydia said, we were upset. i know you had to rush, but you at least could have politely glanced over and waved or something . . . haha jk. i heard you guys won by like 50 . . .not bad.

    yeah i agree about the haircuts . . . they look good!


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