usually, i think of Tim as pretty big. Almost 6 feet tall, near 200 pounds, strong as anything - I don't know, he just seemed big to me.but, at St. Johns on the basketball court, he looks like a pygmie. I'm so serious - he looks tiny! Obviously, compared to Muresan, anyone is small.this is a teammate (i'm not sure how tall he is...maybe 6'10''?) who is going to George Mason next year.aaaw. the little guy...


  1. Riley4.12.06

    So .... if tim is tiny what does that make me?

  2. Anonymous4.12.06

    Oh my gosh that Muresan guy is Gigantic!

  3. Anonymous5.12.06

    how tall is Muresan???? he's huge!
    love your pics...

  4. Anonymous6.12.06

    Awesome! Tim really is getting up in the basketball realm...and I finally figured out how to leave posts!


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