"...things too wonderful for me." psalm 131:1

"i see trees of green,
red roses, too":
"i see them bloom
for me and you":
"and i think to myself,
what a wonderful world":
"the colors of the rainbow
so pretty in the sky":
"i see friends shaking hands
saying 'how fo you do'":
"they're really saying
'i love you'":
"i hear babies cry
i watch them grow":
"they'll learn much more
than i'll ever know":
"and i think to myself,
what a wonderful world"

"And He will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace."
Isaiah 9:6


  1. Anonymous1.12.06

    amazing....your pics are truly breathtaking. I am so glad that God is wonderful and our counselor. He is so good. *we've got to do that business* love em'!

  2. Your sis sure is patient to just sit there and let you take pics all day. They sure turn out great, though :-P

  3. beautiful choice of scripture... beautiful sister...beautiful pictures of a beautiful sister...

  4. yaaay, my favorite song! :D
    the swirly picture is lovely. i like the hopscotch one a whole lot too.

    see you tonight?

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  6. actually, lauren is pretty much amazing when it comes to pictures. she's sooo used to it, i guess (and, hey, who wouldn't if they looked that unbelievable? she really is beautiful)

    *skweegy* so, hopscotch was like my childhood wrapped up in one activity (ooh. wait. i forgot about swinging. okay...those two tie). i loved that game. we would make hopscotch's all down the sidewalk. it took some serious stamina to finish. were you a hopscotcher?

  7. julie bow :)1.12.06


    how does bearliest bear take the best and cutest pictures ever?!

  8. jules1.12.06

    i was a beast at hop scotch... just had to add that..

  9. i heard that song today. mmmm.

    your sister is SO cute AND photogenic it's CRAZY!!! it almost looks like she's posing. (:

  10. aw kristen! she is SO ADORABLE!
    oh my gosh. !!!!!!

  11. Anonymous2.12.06

    Love these! my favorite ones are the close ups. thanks for seeking to glorify God with your work.


  12. oh! these are great kristen. so cute. you really did well capturing so many different emotions


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