a little pretend

Today my drop-dead-gorgeous sisters modeled for me for a pretend bridal/flower-girl shoot.see? i told you she was gorgeous. exquisite, actually.- and they only get prettier :-)just for a little fun...
"Pause a moment and consider the wondrous works of God" Job 37:14
Today, I got to pause and thouroughly enjoy my sisters.


  1. wow.

    that's all I can say. :)

    God has given you incredible talent, Kristen!

  2. wow that's great! how fun! i did something similar with my sisters but my pics were alot worse :)

  3. Katie.V30.12.06

    oh my goodness!!! that one of katelyn and shannon laughing together is soooooooo goood!! all of them are!! seriously katie should never be allowed to leave the house!

    i love the pearl earing shot to :-)

    and thanks for hanging up on me today i can take a hint ;)

    and i second what brit said!
    love ya lots! Katie

  4. i thought you hung up on me! i was all "alright, maybe her mom is 'calling her' again" ;-)

  5. She's GORGEOUS! and the photographer did wonderful ;)

  6. Anonymous31.12.06

    i think it's hilarious that no guys are leaving comments because they're too embarrassed. soo good


    shannon's awkward stage is so almost over. love the pics :)

  7. hm, they never act that way when I'm with them. ;) So double compliments to get them to behave and then take good pictures. They're all lovely. I like the one of Lauren and Shannon almost the best. Can't decide on my favorite...

  8. me either, lyd :-)

    but, hey, how could they comment without it being totally awkward? they all know they would hear from my dad...

  9. hey look! taylor just commented! not awkward... umm... yeah.

  10. yeah...but you didn't say anything about the pictures...
    good try, though :-)

  11. uhhh... the pictures are... umm... this is stupid! we're in highschool. these pictures that you took are very good kristen. we're gonna have to have a sister picture battle one day.

  12. kristen, i think your sister looks very pretty in a wedding dress... which she will not wear again for another 10 years... at least.


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