Christmas Update

The most beautiful family room in the world, thanks to my mom:So, Christmas was, wonderful, as it has been every single year my entire life. Each one has been different, but each has been so special.
Once, we spent Christmas in a cabin in some California mountains with my mom's family. One year we were in an empty home with only a Christmas tree, presents and one mattress (we moved to CA on New Years Day, so the holidays were a little rough). Another time, about 20 ladies came and wrapped our presents because my mom was preparing for surgery and chemo. Once we had a newborn baby (Ladybug!) and once we went swimming outside because it was 80 degrees . This year was more low-key (which makes me so grateful!)
Does anybody in the world have a good Christmas morning picture? We never doMore sports games! Yes!Lauren reading the newest "member" of our family, Emily, the Christmas story. Emily is the most spoiled baby-doll ever.
Looks like December 25... in San Diego!!! This had been the best Maryland winter ever.These raindrops should've been snowflakes, but they weren't. Because it was 68 degrees outside!This sidewalk should've covered with snow because Timmy wouldn't have shoveled it yet, but it's wasn't. Because it was 68 degrees outside! I was cleaning the fridge out and this caught my eyes (These always scare Katie - seriously, ever time she opened one and it "popped" she gasped and jumped back. Gotta be smarter than the dough, right Katie?)And...I got to talk to one of these lovely ladies for about an hour (or more...)The last time I saw her we did this:

How we got from the first picture to the second? You wouldn't understand, even if I tried. But it was so. much. fun.

(I trick myself. I pretend it's spring by putting fake flowers in my room.) I liked all the different blues in this picture:
And, thus, ends my Christmas post.
Oh come, let us adore Him!


  1. from the girl who said this blog was just for pictures and not writing? (yay, i'm glad you changed your mind)

    Christmas morning pix = hoooorray.

    I miss Elizabeth! (sigh)

  2. haha kristen.. your wearing your cheeseburger pants! i hope you had a cheeseilious christmas! :)
    and i agree with lydia, about the just pics and not writing :)


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