"and they shall call his name..."

(which means, God with us)

Last night our family went to go see "The Nativity Story" and for the first time this Christmas season, I was moved to tears about the unbelieveable miracle of Jesus' birth. I cannot believe that that is how the Savior of the world was born. I can't believe that Mary obeyed, despite the cirsumstances she was in. I can't believe Joseph remained faithful and trusted God, even when it seemed crazy. I can't believe that prophesy after prophesy was fulfilled as Mary and Joseph made their way to Bethlehem and had Jesus. God is simply amazing. He truly, truly is.

Last day of school in 2006: Some classes went all-out to decorate their room:After going outside in the drizzle and mild coldness...... for some American and European football with Mr. B (I won't put up any other pictures - way too embarrasing!...)...we went to the rockin' Christmas party that student council put together.The party featured a bake-off (Julie got to fulfill a dream and check it off of her list! She was a food judge!),
... some special, festive costumes...
...Leo......and a moon-bounce!
It was super fun, to say the least :-)

Later that day, Skweegy and I pooled our building-skills together and constructed two gingerbread houses with the kids.

The icing was sooooo hard. My arms were sore the next day from trying to keep the mixer in it the bowl.
(Lyd and I broke into our own version of the slightly-sad-country-classic "Concrete Angel": "Through the water and the sugar, it stays hard as a stone, in the bowl that we can't lean up on... Concrete Icing!")

It stayed up! It stayed up!The kids were relatively patient while we constructed the homes and they were so excited when we finally called them up to decorate!
Looking good...
Priceless. Possibly one of the ugliest little things ever, but I love it so much. And so do the kids. And, most importantly, it is still proudly standing in the kicthen (with fewer and fewer candies on the roof as each day passes...)!!!
hmmm. yep, that's the way we do it...

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Oh yay, Merry Christmas to you too!! I love you!!!

    (and oh my gosh, how is it that you went to see a movie and I didn't? whoooa)

  2. Julie :)25.12.06

    the Nativity Story was amazing!! i saw it saturday with my dad and geez Mary and Joseph are some of my heroes... God coming to earth the way he did is just amazing...

    i had a great time with you at the Pattons! thanks for coming over!! :)


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