yesterday, i had the extreme honor to go to Washington DC for a veterans conference with my class. we were able to see "The Doolittle Raiders," "The Band of Brothers," Vietnam POW's and more. it made me even more grateful for my dedicated leaders, brave soldiers, amazing country and merciful God. i do not deserve to live life in this country! thank you to all the veterans who sacrificed their lives, so i can live in freedom! (special thanks to my veteran mother, who served in the army!)

the song that these pictures are with is a great song, but montgomery gentry missed a big point. it isn't just that i am "proud" to be American and living freely, it's that i am grateful to God for this life.
but, please enjoy the amazing song, regardless.


  1. Anonymous11.11.06

    Kristen, those pictures turned out great! Thanks for capturing "the moment". Yesterday gave me a brand new awareness of how great our country is...its amazing!


  2. they're great! (cglass hahayay!)
    blogger won't let me click to make them larger tho? can you?

  3. Anonymous12.11.06

    Hey Kristen!

    Outstanding job with putting this together!! It turned out great! I really like your pictures you captured a great patriotic sense with what you wrote as well.. Gotta love the song!! Anyway hope I'm not still on your "bad" list ;)

    Again great job!

    Chris Glass

  4. Kristen, outstanding pictures!
    I so wish I could have gone to that seminar :( oh man...sounds like such an incredible time.

  5. c*glass looks so... stately.
    oh man, LOVE the picture of the guy in the white jacket. he looks like the kinda guy i could listen to for hours. :)

  6. i didn't know your mom served in the military. when was that?

    also, i'd like to add that these are quality pix (my customary comment but sincere nonetheless).

    haha . . . ceeEEEEEE-glass

  7. Kristen, you honored the Lord and the soldiers with your pictures! Even people who weren't there can get a feel for how powerful it was to hear the vets' stories.


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