love them...

ladybug and i baby-sat these five, wonderful, Wizard-of-Oz-loving girls on friday. when i was cleaning the kitchen, i was listening to "Before The Throne" and i realized how much i loved that song!
so, i'm using that song for their pictures (surprise surprise!)

before the throne of God above
i have a strong and perfect plea:
a great High Priest whose name is Love
who ever lives and pleads for me:


  1. Anonymous20.11.06

    hey kristen... thanks so much for babysitting us!!! what happened to that pic of me you were GOING to post on your blog? haha.. the pics turned out to be great!! love ya!

  2. oh my gosh i love that song.
    it's pretty much one of the best poetic applications of the gospel ever.
    [and i love the line "one with Himself, i cannot die. my soul is purchased by His blood. my life is hid with Christ on high. with Christ my Saviour and my God" (8.21)]

    cute pix too :)

  3. Anonymous25.11.06

    Thanks, Kristen! even though I'm not in the pictures, you great shot of ellie and hattie! (and the frames on the wall)! Come on, WIzard of oz isn't the best movie in the world-But emily likes it!


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