hmm...i like rainy days...

psalms are wonderful on rainy days (so are cheez-its, squishy pillows and driving the basketball carpool while singing "independance day")
"when i look at the work of Your fingers, what is man that You are mindful of him?" psalm 8:3-4
"praise the Lord from the earth...
mountains and all hills...
fruit trees and all cedars...
beasts and all livestock...
kings and young men...
maidens and old men and children!" psalm 148:7-12
"let everything that has breath praise the Lord!" psalm 150:6 "whatever the Lord pleases, He does, in heaven and on is He who makes the clouds rise...who makes lightning for the rain...who brings forth the wind..." psalm 135:6-7
"for a day in Your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere" psalm 84:10
i can't wait!

ps. "puhhht um up, puhhht um up! i'll fight 'cha on wun foooot."
who else loves the wizard of oz?" ladybug and and i do.
scarecrow: "well, now, that's getting personal"
tin man: "ya, why don't you get up and show him a lesson?"


  1. Anonymous13.11.06

    oh no.. it's just that she doesn't like little green worms! :) i love it! love your pics too. i so much adore you for your godliness and your photography skills! ellie

  2. mushrooooom! oh, how i do love that word.

    f-stop in the naaame of love!
    (can i "adore" you too?)

  3. Aaaaaahhhhhhh.......

    That was beautiful. I LOVE the mushrooms. :)

  4. Katie.V14.11.06

    i LOVE rainy days to!! these are sooo good!! love you and i love the psalms you put with these pictures!

  5. What font is on this sight?

  6.'s "georgia" smell the jasmine and magnolia, sleepy sweet home....

  7. cheez its, psalms, rainy days, good stuff.

    good post--quality pix.

  8. jules :)14.11.06

    KRISTEN!!!!!!!!!! ok so i gotta say that picture right above psalm 84 is soooooo cool lookin!!! and that is my fav psalm oh ilove it.

    oh and another thing!! on saturday, i went to the bay house and wanted you too come soooooo bad, and i felt horrible that i couldnt bring you cause it was like a last minute trip and my car was full so not everyone could even come. but still me and you need to go up there soon, and have a photo shoot! maybe ill teach you a couple things.. if your lucky ;)
    LOVE YOU :)

  9. I forgot. I didn't actually post. But now I am so it doesn't matter! I love your pictures!!!! Keep taking them and don't delete any! LOVE YOU!

  10. i get the 10th post!!! yes!

  11. Rory aka The Silent One;)15.11.06

    Rainy days and psalms truly are wonderful blessings!
    How are you dear? I miss you so much! Love you and have been praying for you! -elizabeth

  12. elizabeth17.11.06

    You know those awkward moments that we both have that we tell eachother each time we talk....well I had a dream last night that I kept having them and in my dream I kept thinking I need to write these down so I can tell Kristen!!:)haha While thinking about it though, I remembered a real one I had that I forgot to tell you about, and let me tell ya it was super awkward...:D remind me to tell you about it sometime. he he heh;) love ya dear!

  13. bethly! thats hysterical. you know that we need to see each other when you are dreaming about telling me something. that's not good. come up here soon! i miss you! i'll call you later, we just need to talk!


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