first and foremost: my two siblings, who are absolutely huge blessings in my life! they didn't get a picture in my last post, but they should have. if you ever need a good laugh, hang out with my sister for about three-and-a-half minutes and if you ever need to know anything about sports, skip "" and ask my brother.

"she don't know she's beautiful
(never crossed her mind)
she don't know she's beautiful

(no she's not that kind)": -- kenny chesney

"cause i've been watching you,

dad, ain't that cool

i wanna do everything you do

so, i've been watching you": -- rodney atkinsas much as i love fall and taking pictures like these:"good night, moon - good night, stars - good night, room..."i am slightly in "summer withdrawal" again. the weather today was unbelievable. i clicked on a few memories today. the ladies, slightly burned and tanned, playing at Kelley Park, mildly chlorined from the pool, smelling like sunscreen - i can almost hear their giggly laughs, their sandals chunking in the wood-chips, the "croook-criiick" of the swings.

okay, mildly over-sentimental and way too gushy, but i do miss it.

ha. trouble with a capital T.
*one last massively exciting note* my joke-stealing-brother made varsity! as a freshman! he is going to play on espn! aah! he's almost famous! (at least, i think so)


  1. yay, timmy!! congrats, kid! (and for being nice to me and not hanging up on me today.)

    kristen, there are very few times i wish i had younger siblings...but when you make happy posts like these... :]

  2. im laughing. profusely (well maybe not). the reminscing about summer was HILARIOUS. plus the thought of timmy hanging up on lydia w/out any shame.

    nice timmy (about making the team, not about hanging up on lydia, though that's pretty funny). and if you go on espn you better play good. haha--that would be great.

  3. Anonymous10.11.06

    i feel so proud of the fact that i actually know the CORRECT names of your little sisters.
    and i can't believe you had me thinking her name was abby for like 15 minutes. and julie didn't even tell me...


  4. Anonymous10.11.06

    when are we gonna start that buisness? i cant wait!!!!!
    ps email me okay?
    pss i adore your photos!:-D

  5. Julie :)10.11.06

    ok soo the song for Kat was perrrrrfect!! i think of her everytime i hear that song!! and the picture of Kevin with his soda lookin all cool cracks me up!

    oh and im so excited about going to Timmy's games!!! :)

    and i deff told Danny your sisters real names... love the post! but not so loving that i just realized we have basketball tomorrow at 9 AM! on a saturday.. kinda puts a damper on things..

  6. Katie V11.11.06

    heey yesterday put me through a HUGE summer with withdraw to!!! i miss it soo much...

    and that song for kat was ppeerrrfect!!! and YAY!! for timmy making varsity!! when is he going to be on espn?? thats awesome!!

    ok well i miss soccer cuz i got to see you and kat like everyday but now you are super busy and i have nothing to call me on a free day! :-)


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