almost like a tv show...almost

so, during lunch, we anxiously waited for dash's text (by the way, forget chocolate -- give me a philly cheesesteak when i want comfort food. it was sooo good.)waiting...waiting...still waiting...finally! dash is in the building. show time.we dashed (hmm. love puns) through the mall hoping to surprise julie. why? i don't know, but it was fun.lydia, ladybug and i came around the corner of Aeropostale, but *horrors* dash's brother was right there. we were almost caught. steathfully, we snuck around the jean jacket rack, ladybug bumped into the shirt-folding-girl-who-was-wearing-an-Old-Navy-shirt-but-working-at-Aeropostale and we were almost spied by Dash's sister and neice. thanks to our Yankee ingenuity and super fast feet, we got to the back of the store unseen. once dash was found, we sent ladybug out to talk with her, while we continued hiding. boo! doesn't she look glad to see us? after all that work, too. (jk)then, lydia went jean-diving...and bear did some spinning. so glad we could see you, jules!


  1. i hope someday soon i'll become as cool as you and lydia...there you have it, my hopes and dreams : )

  2. JULIE :)28.11.06

    hahaha that was so fun! when i saw Lauren i was SO confused. i was like did the snyder family seriously just leave Lauren here? then i saw you and lydia and i became excited! :) i have to agree with Taylor, maybe someday i can have adventures like you and lyd, me being as cool as you well thats just hopeless.

  3. Jules, don't worry, next time we have a dollar store adventure I'll bring my camera :) Fairy wands and 'I love you' balloons would rock the Blogger world!

    Tookie, yay, love your storytelling. Yankee ingenuity? Dude, you so owe me for getting you in Mr. B's class. ;)

  4. i'll be honest, i'm mildly confused about what's going on here...but it looks like fun...

  5. You guys are the craziest two friends I know and find ways to have the awesomest times ever! *small hint of jealousy* **ok a little bit bigger than a small hint** Love you guys!

    Neal, don't try and figure out what goes on in the lives of those two. It's impossible.


  6. basically, we went to the mall and we were supposed to meet up with julie, (regular people would have just walked over to where she was and said "hi" or something) but we made it kind of like a reality/game/show/adventure/spy/theme music/thing.

  7. Anonymous28.11.06

    you guys are halarious! only you two would make this into a "reality/game/show/adventure/spy/theme music/thing".

    ...i'm still laughing...

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  9. oh my goodness!!!! my first philly cheese steak EVER was at Charley's in the food court at the mall!!! and it was good, that's certainly true.

    this is a VERY good story. maybe you can write the books that lydia illustrates. that is a genious idea. oh yeah, i forgot you're already a best-selling author. dave brewer read your book to the whole YM at a 1031. haha.

    neal, i must say, you are such a mild person. always mildly this and that.

    ok wow this is a very long post so im done.

  10. ...i think you win :[

  11. Anonymous29.11.06

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  12. Anonymous29.11.06

    honestly..i cant wait to be a teenager!!! i cant wait to got to youth caregroups, being able to drive, going to the mall w/friends Hey Kristen *hint hint*:) oh well all i can do is dream...for now :-D
    love your pics kristen!


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