Wedding: Part One

this is the first part of a six part series of this wedding (and, yes, i do sound like a Sunday bulletin)
Getting Ready:
"oh, how you sparkle
and, oh, how you shine":
"the flush on your cheeks
is more than the wine":
"and he must do something
that no one can do":

"whatever he's doing
it looks good on you":
"he must have stolen
some stars from the sky:"
"and gave them to you
to wear in your eyes":
"you look so good in love:"
"you want him
that's easy to see":"you look so good in love
[and soon, you'll be Mrs. Lee]":

george strait -- you look so good in love

She looked gorgeous! Ceremony pictures tomorrow...


  1. krisTEN! ahhh! So pretty.

  2. Kristen!!! WOw! You're getting better by the second!!! Seriously awesome pics!!!

  3. jules :)22.10.06

    ok so i gotta hand it to you its pretty much awesome how the words of the song go soo perfectly with the pictures!! these pictures are really good!! are you gonna post any more of Laurens wedding!?

  4. big props on the rhyme at the end--wow.

    nice pix too!! i like the shadow in the last picture.

  5. Kristen, your pictures are so amazing! They look so like professional! I can't believe they are from your camera! You are improving so much! Keep it up! Love you! Courtney


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