well, i am discovering more and more people are looking at this (yay! that is exciting!) but, hardly anyone leaves a comment! (lydia and julie -- keep it up!) so, if you are allowed to, please comment! i would also love feedback -- which ones do you like? which ones don't you like? thanks for looking!
ps. this is completely un-edited. gotta love that california-blue sky!


  1. Anonymous8.10.06

    yeah nice california blue sky...kinda like the sky here in maryland, which is also blue. but i guess it's not as special as the CALIFORNIA blue sky...must have something to do with those 15 glorious months...
    anyway, i enjoy the cute poems ect that you're throwing in with the pics...and the pics themselves ain't bad :) (i can't believe i just did that)

    ps. i almost cried during your "ode to summer"

  2. okay, fine, I'll comment, if you insist. I always read it, and the pics always look great.

  3. jules :)8.10.06

    ...15 glorious months...

  4. Cyndi from California17.10.06

    Lauren's and now Paul's Aunt who lives under that California Sky loved the Blog. Since the California Minards could not make it to The Wedding we sure appreciated the access to the pictures. I even enjoyed the pics of your friends, because the good times are expressed, your friends are Blessed to have you as a friend and historian.


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