have you ever seen...

...a more beautiful combination of rubber, plastic, cotton and leather?

it all starts today in "practice gym two"


  1. yes...:-D well no. i love your pics kristen!!!! bring your camera next time you babysit okay? love ya
    oh by the way you are so my wedding photographer

  2. funny how i just got sick reading that. praying for you poor children. :]

  3. seeing this picture reminds of two words i learned from none other than your dad- "foot fire"
    i think my complete inability to execute that drill was part of the reason he cut me...twice.

  4. julie :)30.10.06

    yeah see i find nothing beautiful about that...

    oh Lord help us tonight!!!! ahh.

  5. haha . . . how'd they go?

    hope everyone's still alive. well i think those are beautiful too; im just not willing to experience death to use them. its true their are parts of playing basketball i miss but other apects i dont miss.

  6. yeah, I've seen a better combo:

    my beat-up volleyball shoes :)

    we won!


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