The Bride and Girls


  1. good grief, what a pretty bunch of people.

    (very glad you got to make it to the lawn for the posed pix. it definitely looks like you were the featured photographer. shh, i won't tell!)

  2. JULIE B:)16.10.06

    how did they all get so pretty?

  3. Katie.V16.10.06

    i want to ask the same question as julie!!

    the pictures are amazing!! u can do mine :-)

  4. Anonymous16.10.06

    Kristen- Those pictures are gorgeous! I love the photo of the bridesmaides and lauren walking down a path. I still can't believe she is married... i can't wait for your to do our family photo shoot :)

  5. wow, kristen, you def. should make photography your profession (I know you alreay sort of have, I'm just adding my voice.) you've got some serious skill and eye, man! :)

  6. Oh my goodness, Kristen! you are pretty much an AMAZING photographer. When I get married, you are definitely being my photographer! You can deck it out with my sister. Wow.... I stand amazed. I also was delighted to find out that you are a country music fan! oh yea!
    -rachel robb

  7. i love them. what more can i say. :D

  8. Anonymous17.10.06

    The pictures are beautiful! I can't believe Lauren's married though!

  9. Elizabeth S17.10.06

    Kristen, those are so beautiful. I love looking at your pictures.
    I need to go get senior pictures this week and I was thinking, if only Kristen were closer she could do em for me!! And then I was like, well I'll just have to go visit then!:)
    I've been thinking of and praying for you. Love youu!
    BTW-I tryed calling you a little bit ago...I might try again soon. Did you get my message from the beach?:-)

  10. ok Kristen, I SERIOUSLY didn't realize you had the same template. I'm sorry! But I heard you're changing yours, so... :)

  11. All of your pictures are amazing! Thanks so much for capturing this special day.


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