lauren's getting married! less than 24 hours!!!

john michael montgomery -- i can love you like that
"they read you Cinderella
you hoped it would come true
that one day your prince charming
would come rescue you":"you like romantic movies
you never will forget
the way you felt when
Romeo kissed Juliet":

"all this time that you've been waiting
you don't have to wait no more":
"i can love you like that
i would make you my world
move heaven and earth
if you were my girl":"i will give you my heart
be all that you need
show you that you're everything
that's precious to me":

"if you give me a chance
i can love you like that":
"you want tenderness
i've got tenderness
and i see through
to the heart of you:"
"if you want a man
who understands
you don't have to look
very far":
"i can love you
I Can
i can love you like that"

congratulations guys!!!


  1. "awww" is right! man kristen, you are rakin' in the big money! sometimes i like to imagine myself working for your company : ) ya know cleaning your office or re-organizing your camera bag : P great pictures! keep up...(i hate cliches) the good work!

    yes, i did just comment!

  2. ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! see you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

  3. yay! taylor! and courtney! aaaahhhh!!!

  4. (omg, taylor just commented!!!) aaaahhhh

    and courtney! and kristen!!!! ;D

    (are you go taking pictures of the prep tomorrow? or are you going to lauries? call me cause i can cover for you if you want)

  5. katie .V15.10.06

    aawww she graduated with my sister!!! thats soo weird!! great pics!

  6. Julie :)15.10.06

    lauren minard has a husband... thats just weird.

    but awesome at the same time!
    anyways, great pictures!

  7. excellent.
    i'm sorry they made you sit in one place during the entire ceremony. i feel your pain. they made me sit in one place and i couldn't even do my power-stance. i just sat there. it was painful.

  8. OH my goodness! We are all growing up:) I felt it this weekend for some reason. I guess her wedding just make me think that she was our age just a couple of years ago! Anyhow...great pics!

  9. lauren minard doesn't have a husband, lauren rohwer does--haha. james told a funny.

  10. Wow, Kristen! those pics are awesome! Well done. Wish I could have gone to the wedding.


  11. hey kristin! awesome pictures.... hey got a question. how do you put the little ::klp:: thing on your pixs? i need to figure out hwwo tod ot hat. :)


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